Featuring the works of John and Barb Mills, Raucous Raven Pottery is new on the tour this year, and situated on lovely Morrison Marsh. John has recently returned to the potter's wheel to throw canisters, casseroles and small lanterns, but his primary focus is on producing beautiful bowls of various sizes. Depending on the clay body used for these functional wares, John's gorgeous blue colour palette ranges from dusky turquoise to a grey flecked cerulean, and the dark blue of a starry nite sky.

     The Mill's are avid naturalists, and Barb enjoys celebrating her appreciation for wildlife as a sculptor. Among other animals her mixed media creatures include tree-climbing bears, different species of woodpecker and colourful salmon. Barb also models little free-standing songbirds like wrens, chickadees and towhees, as well as her beloved corvids. An iron oxide wash highlights detail on the natural clay surface of many of these delightful creations. Also on display over the tour weekend, visitors will find a playful Venetian Carnival bird mask (harkening back to the 16th century), portraits of the Sun and Moon, and other masks inspired by Barb's Buddhist orientation. These include smiling Thai Buddhas and the elephant head of Hindu Deity Ganesha, showcased on the poster for Denman's 29th annual pottery studio tour!